Weightier Worship: 31 Worship Songs to Download

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More and more, mainstream evangelicalism is waking up to the need for theology, biblical literacy, historicity, and thoughtfulness in modern worship.  I see this on the personal level as I continue to meet a new, young breed of mainstream worship leader, who chooses to not be either-or about passion and substance.  And I see this on the institutional level in instances like this at a major evangelical college, Biola University (which happens to be my alma mater):

Biola Magazine asked a group of students, alumni and professors to select a handful of modern worship songs that they’ve found to be both lyrically and musically stirring. Here are 31 of their recommendations — including songs written by each of the worship leaders interviewed for this issue’s cover story, “Weightier Worship.”

Among other great artists (e.g. Bifrost Arts, The Welcome Wagon, Stuart Townend, Keith & Kristyn Getty), two of our songs from The Glad Sound are featured.  Check it out.

4 Comments on “Weightier Worship: 31 Worship Songs to Download”

  1. Thanks for mentioning music by Keith & Kristyn!! Come and join the discussion on their page at facebook.com/keithandkristyngettyfans – posted by Team Getty

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Very impressive!! It is fantastic to see God's Glory recognized!! May God continue to pour out His blessings on you as you lead us & teach us what true worship is all about!

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