The Worship Pastor Audiobook is Here!

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Since the release date, I’ve talked to many worship leaders out there who tell me they’ve wanted to check out The Worship Pastor but that they do most of their “reading” through audiobooks. Makes sense to me! We’ve all got different learning styles and modes of comprehension.

A few years ago, I asked my publisher if we could make The Worship Pastor into an audiobook, and their kind reply was basically, “Hey, great idea. Let’s see how the book does before we take that next step.” Well, the readers have spoken. I’ve been blown away by how well this pretty narrow book has been received (I mean, a book about pastoral worship leading isn’t going to hit any best-seller list). It’s exceeded our projections for for how well and how fast it would get picked up. Thank God! So, we’ve made an audiobook.

And, here’s the fun part. I’m the one reading it. You’ll be hearing my voice, my inflection, and my heart–maybe even a few tears (especially in the last chapter . . . I always cry when I read about my failure and Jesus’ love in the face of it). I believe in the content of the book, and I was excited to be able to offer my own nuanced reading.

So, if you’ve never read The Worship Pastor and are an audiobook kind of person, today’s the day. If you’ve read it analog-style and want to listen digital-style to get a fresh perspective, today’s the day.

So go get The Worship Pastor audiobook wherever you listen to books, and tell all your friends.

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