Why I Will No Longer Be Updating the Hymns Movement Page

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When Strivings Cease It is with great pleasure that I announce that I must cease my striving. When this blog began almost six years ago, one of its primary objectives was to herald, champion, promote, persuade, propagandize, coerce, ramrod the burgeoning retuned hymns movement. In addition to retuning hymns myself, especially on my first (The Glad Sound [2009]) and second (Without Our Aid [2011]) albums with Cherry Creek Worship, I wanted to highlight all the church musicians and independent artists who were … Read More

Singing the Bible – Cardiphonia’s Canticles

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Astounding. They just keep getting better. A little before Christmas, Cardiphonia (that influential blogging and resourcing site that is in my top three go-to worship destinations online) released Canticles. A “canticle” is just fancy liturgical language for any song actually pulled directly from the pages of the Bible, more or less. Read more about it in my post here.  There’s a lot of talk out there about “biblical worship.” It means a lot of things. I’ve posted before about the difficulty … Read More

Hallel Psalms – A Joyful New Worship Compilation

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Cardiphonia offers up yet another album full of great music, chiseled from the stone of liturgical history.  And this time, the liturgy is not just ancient.  It’s from some of the earliest songs of doxological antiquity.  Psalms 113-118 are often called the “Egyptian Hallel”:  “Egyptian,” because these psalms as a body were used by ancient Jewish singers during Passover, which took place in Egypt; “Hallel,” because that is the Hebrew word for for “praise,” and these psalms in particular are … Read More

Cardiphonia’s Songs for Liturgy and Our Contributions

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As I grow deeper in kinship with Bruce Benedict of Cardiphonia, one of the preeminent gifts I recognize in him is hospitality.  Over a year ago, I enjoyed room and board in his home and an inordinate amount of time out of a busy week in the life of a worship pastor in a growing young church.  His hospitality extends to the way he administrates Cardiphonia, an outfit dedicated resourcing the Church’s hymn revitalization and liturgical renewal. Benedict draws artists, … Read More

New Albums Worth Checking Out – Spring / Summer 2012

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The number of quality albums from independent artists continues to be on the rise.  These latest few continue to show that a growing number of young church musicians are embracing different values as compared to the industry (speaking both musically and theologically, and perhaps even financially) for the songs they write and produce.  Many of these albums expand the sonic and geographic reach of the rehymn movement. Todd Hoover, The Whole Spirit: Redemption SongsTasteful, musical, liturgically-oriented, congregation-friendly songs, thoughtfully wedding … Read More

Newest FREE Cardiphonia Record Resets Old Ascension Hymns

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Those of us that are part of the retuned hymn movement speak in our more internal discussions about the various “waves” of the movement, and Bruce Benedict at Cardiphonia certainly has continued to be one of the leading forces in the second or third wave.  Cardiphonia has now established a pattern of “flash mob” compilation recordings, gathering various artists from various parts of the country with various stylistic bents.  Their latest album, out this week, is Hymns for the Ascension, … Read More

A Couple of Lent Albums Worth Sharing

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Just in case you all haven’t heard of these great albums, they will provide you with thoughtful songs for connecting with God in the season of Lent.  New York Hymns and Redeemer Knoxville are two groups of artists part of the next generation of the ever-growing retuned hymns movement. New York Hymns, Songs for Lent   Redeemer Knoxville, Rise O Buried Lord Rise O Buried Lord by Redeemer Church of Knoxville & Friends

Recent Discussions on the State of Christian Music in the West

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As of late, there have been some very important reflections on the state of Christian music (whatever you think of the phrase, I’m using it as shorthand).  Two weeks ago, I had a face-to-face discussion with a man who’s been in the industry for quite some time, working for some pretty influential major labels.  For an industry-insider, he was surprisingly blunt about the industry, sharing a lot of critique centering around basically two realities (which many people have pointed out): … Read More

Great Hymns Albums Released in the Last Few Months

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I swear, I’m having to write these kinds of posts more often.  The hymns/rehymn movement continues to strengthen and expand.  Here are some great new albums that I’ve been enjoying and appreciating. Sojourn Music, A Child is Born Some very creative rock tunes, great guitar work, unconventional and delightful production choices.  Some traditional tunes reworked, some originals.  Sojourn is always on the upper side of the art spectrum. A Child Is Born by Sojourn   High Street Hymns, On Winter’s … Read More

Old Hymns to New Music…Now in Spanish

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I honestly can’t believe that this day is here.  There is something very important about the prospect of the hymns movement going Spanish.  In general, Spanish-speaking Christianity (at least of the Latin American variety) by and large is one of two brands—Catholic or Pentecostal.  The latter, as far as I have observed, doesn’t often engage the rich history of hymnody that is a part of our Christian heritage.  And, as I’ve advocated over and over again, hymnody indoctrinates.  There is … Read More