The Magnificent Three EP is Released!

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Several years ago, I was floored by a shocking exposé. No, the article wasn’t about a political scandal, a pastoral failure, or even a Kardashian. It was a revealing study about how “under-Trinitized” our worship songs are. Now, to be sure, in one sense, you can’t “under-Trinitize” anything. Whether or not we are aware of the all-encompasing, ever-productive, supremely glorious work of the Great Three-in-One, if we are a Christian, we are inescapably “Trinitized.” The effectiveness of God’s work is not dependent upon our ability to perceive it. Still, Lester Ruth’s “How Great is Our God: The Trinity in Contemporary Christian Worship Music” left an indelible mark upon my conscience when it concluded that if all evangelicals had were its most popular worship songs over the last few decades, it may not be clear that the God we worship is Triune (!). It left me burdened as a songwriter and leader to add to the pool a handful of songs saturated with Trinitarian theology. The six songs that comprise The Magnificent Three summarize much of the fruit gathered on the journey toward more “ancient paths” carved by the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Please listen. Please enjoy. Please sing them in your local churches. And, if you can, please support the project by purchasing it! 

Track Listing & Links to Lyrics, Charts, & More 

  1. Father, How Great Your Delight in the Son
  2. We Look to You (a co-write with Julie Anne Vargas)
  3. Father, Only in Your Power (a co-write with Bruce Benedict)
  4. Before the Father
  5. Open Our Eyes (a co-write with Bruce Benedict)
  6. God Has Decided

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