Hip-Hop Hymns: Can it Be?

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Some have said that historic Chrisitian hymnody is largely, if not exclusively, white and Western.  Notable exceptions notwithstanding, this is probably true.  The majority of churches and entities that I am aware of which participate in the rehymn movement by and large fit that description.  However, I’m not convinced that this has to be the case.  Could it be that historic Western Christian hymnody has something valuable to contribute to Ghanaian Christianity?  Could it be that Watts and Wesley are valuable for our brothers and sisters in Myanmar?  Could it be that hymnody has value for non-caucasian traditions like Latino and African-American Christianity?  I believe so, but I honestly have a hard time thinking of the “how.”  How can bridges be built such that these other branches of Christ’s church can be exposed to and benefit from the the rich tradition of Western hymnody?

Well, I see one venture worth supporting that is sticking its neck out there in attempt to build a bridge–High Street Hymns.  They’ve produced several beautiful folk-rock hymns records, and now they’re hitting the studio to make some more music.  Included in the vision is incorporating hip-hop into the record.  Wow!  I can’t wait to hear it!  

The crew over in Virginia needs your help, though.  They’re seeking support through kickstarter, so if you can help out, please do by going here!  Check out the video and get inspired.

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