Fox News Story: Our Reaction

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Last night this news story aired (read a transcript). We’re incredibly grateful and can only attribute it to God that a big local news station considered it newsworthy to report on our “innovations” in church music (see a previous post for why this isn’t all that innovative).  We’re thankful for Fox 31 News and Tammy Vigil for sharing this story.  We’re also appreciative that they gave us a fair shake.  So often the equation goes: Christianity + News = another … Read More

raising hands in worship: it’s about obedience, not emotions

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modern worshipMy church is large enough where there are some who just “observe” me without knowing me.  I’ve learned that, in larger churches, people often feel comfortable with making assumptions about the up-fronters.  I recently heard from a friend one of the assumptions made about me: “Zac is a touchy-feely guy.” Ha!  That would probably the first time I’ve ever been accused of that.  The comment was made in the context of the way I lead worship.  I try to … Read More

The Similarities of Pop Rock and Classical Music, Part 1

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The Similarities of Pop Rock and Classical Music, Part 1:*How Producing an Album is Like Conducting a Symphony I work in a context where two different styles of music are often pitted against one another.  The traditional/classical and the modern/rock genres are often seen as wholly other, inextricably separate.  However, I believe that these two enemies can become (and are becoming) allies.  I believe this at least partially because the more I analyze them, the more I find similarities between … Read More

09-06-09 set list

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SONGS OF GATHERING, PRAISE, CONFESSION, & GRACE All People That on Earth Do Dwell (William Kethe, Zac Hicks) Great modern setting of this Genevan hymn—a versified version of Psalm 100.  We are singing this as our “song of the month” throughout September in preparation for our celebration of John Calvin’s 500th birthday on Reformation Sunday in October. Amazing God (Brenton Brown) Great modern song about joining with the praise of the saints and angels.  All Ye Gentile Lands Awake (Johann … Read More

8-30-09 set list

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Today was a glorious day of worship, where we combined the best elements of our traditional/classical and modern services.  Musically, we did everything from an ancient plainsong chant, to a re-tuned hymn, to a modern worship song. ———- Call to Worship Psalm 47 (Plainsong chant) A Chant with refrain sung from the back of our sanctuary by two cantors (myself and my partner in crime, Douglas). The Entrance of the Word A ritual from the Scottish Presbyterian tradition, opening worship … Read More

8-23-09 set list

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Well, I’m attempting something new, because I’ve seen value in knowing what goes on at other churches with other worship leaders.  I’m participating in a network of blogging worship leaders who share their sunday morning songs, through  Seems to be edifying enough.  Most at our church know that I plan two services–one traditional and one more modern.  I’ll only post the more modern one, because it’s more in line with what these folks are talking about.

Indescribable (Laura Story)
A modern worship “staple” with great reflections on God’s transcendent character, akin to Isa 40
Psalm 76 (Trinity Psalter, Zac Hicks)
One of our originals, on our upcoming album, a versified version of the psalm, with strong Divine Warrior overtones, which I connect to Jesus in the chorus and the bridge.
(Instrumental time of confession)

Why Should I Fear? (Red Mountain Church, Brian T. Murphy/Benj Pocta)
One of my favs from Red Mountain’s “This Breaks My Heart of Stone” hymn project; folky, beautiful, perfect for words/assurance of pardon after a time of confession.
OFFERTORY (We usually do a congregational song [as opposed to special music] during the offering)
There is Room (Emily E.S. Elliott, Zac Hicks)
A great song of consecration off our album, with the chorus, “Come to my heart, Lord Jesus, there is room in my heart for You.”
SONG OF RESPONSE (after sermon)
Let Us Love and Sing and Wonder (John Newton, Indelible Grace)
The message preached was on the Jerusalem council deliberations in Acts 15–a lot of the themes of which involved recognizing that the Law, fulfilled in Christ, should not be a burden to the Gentiles.  Newton’s hymn, one of the great wordsmithing jobs of all time, was a perfect response for this.  We did it very U2-esque in a “Still Haven’t Found” style.
Up to bat:
Zac – vox, acoust, elec
Katy Brumley – vox
Erick Young – vox, acoust, mandolin
Katie Young – piano
Connor DeFehr – elec bass, upright bass
Dave Farmer – drums
Michael Brumley – percussion
Sunday Setlists #57