a great way to fight “American Christmas” in Denver

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This past Sunday, I preached on the concept of Advent in general, opening with a “riveting” explanation of Old Testament eschatology (end times teaching) and how Christ expanded and amplified that picture when He came.  The main thrust of the message was to encourage us to live in the reality of Christ’s second Advent by (1) confronting the idolatry of our hearts, and (2) subverting culture’s version of “Advent”–marketing, consumerism, “good feelings,” and what not.  After talking with many people … Read More

a creative way for modern worship to engage tradition in Christmas

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Within the past year, I have been having more and more conversations with pastors who are coming to me for recommendations of worship leaders who understand both modern and traditional worship.  At the same time, more are also coming to me asking, “How can we, as a more typical evangelical church, engage liturgy and hymns?”  People, if you’re not paying attention to this shift, you’re behind the curve. I often cannot help with the former question.  My response is, “Come … Read More

please don’t conflate rock with “entertainment music”

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  (A humble, open response to church music legend Austin Lovelace) I did not have the chance to attend a valuable piece of church music history.  The American Guild of Organists honored the life and legacy of Austin Lovelace on Sunday, October 4 at a wonderful church right in my own Denver back yard.  Anyone who has labored intensely in their field for 70 years deserves appreciation, and Lovelace deserves double, because he embodies the finest representation of the “old … Read More

when a worship leader truly worships

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Worship leaders struggle with a perennial problem.  (At least it’s perceived as a problem.)  Our hearts have a hard time being truly engaged on Sunday mornings.  We’re thinking about the music and liturgical flow.  We’re obsessing over technology and eliminating distractions.  I’ve known some who remark that they’ve transcended that and feel utterly free most Sunday mornings to lift up their hearts and minds, raised by the text of songs into the heavenlies.  God help me, I’m not one of … Read More

vote to get us on the airwaves!

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Hey Friends, Everyone needs to go here NOW and cast your vote for Zac Hicks + Cherry Creek Worship to get played on WAY-FM out here in Colorado: http://kxwa.wayfm.com/index.php/community/97-community/134-my-church-band-rocks-.html And after you’ve voted, pass this link along to everyone you know, and get them to vote. Why? #1: Because Christian radio needs a dose of good theology.#2: Because modern worship needs to hear what old hymns can sound like.#3: Because of the three to choose from, our music is the … Read More

Passion for God Means Passion for Theology

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“[It is often assumed] that a study of the nature and character of God will be impractical and irrelevant for life.  In fact, however, it is the most practical project anyone can engage in.”  – J. I. Packer, Knowing God, 18-19 It should be peculiar to encounter a worship leader, expressively passionate about God in the context of corporate worship, who says things like, “I just don’t get into all that theology stuff.  That’s for intellectual-types.”  It should be peculiar.  … Read More

Is Rock Star Worship a Reversion to Medieval Catholicism?

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Because I straddle the worlds of traditional and modern worship in my job, I’m often hearing, answering, deflecting, and/or resonating with grievances and concerns lodged by worship lovers on both ends of the spectrum.  And because I’m trying to urge a congregation to seek unity amidst diversity for the sake of our common Gospel mission, I often find myself defending the merits of one side to the other.  However, there should still be room for critical evaluation.  Many frequently lodge … Read More

The Glad Sound Loops Are Up!

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In an effort to further the cause of people using our music in the corporate worship setting, we’ve added to our resources page downloadable loops for appropriate songs.  Loops, in brief, are split-track, “play-along” recordings usually made of the synth, effects, and percussion “frills” above and beyond the average modern rock band instrumentation.  You can read a fuller explanation here. If you’re a worship leader or band, or if you know of worship leaders or bands that utilize loops, let … Read More

Why Hymns Aren’t “Popular”

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In preparing for the release of my album, being an independent artist plopped into the vast ocean of worship music, I tried to keep my expectations level-headed when it came to the spread and popularity of our project.  I knew promotion would be slow and hard, and I knew the concept of setting old hymns to new music wouldn’t win any Dove Awards or KLOVE Top 100 spots.  Still, there were a few inroads into the mainstream that I was … Read More

Contemporary worship gets some brains

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Contemporary worship isn’t all that old.  However, it’s been around long enough now to receive at least some historical analysis.  It seems as though this worship movement has passed out of infancy and adolescence and into a more mature young adulthood.  The evidence: the repertoire of worship seems to be getting some brains. With broad-brush generalizations, contemporary worship’s infancy in the 1970s and 80s created a repertory of church music which was not only simple but also sometimes simplistic.  Taking … Read More