09-06-09 set list

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All People That on Earth Do Dwell (William Kethe, Zac Hicks)

  • Great modern setting of this Genevan hymn—a versified version of Psalm 100.  We are singing this as our “song of the month” throughout September in preparation for our celebration of John Calvin’s 500th birthday on Reformation Sunday in October.

Amazing God (Brenton Brown)

  • Great modern song about joining with the praise of the saints and angels. 

All Ye Gentile Lands Awake (Johann Rist, Zac Hicks)

  • Old hymn set to new music (on our album!).  A compelling text that leads us through praise and confession, ultimately that we might glory in the merits of Christ.

Welcome & Greeting


In Christ Alone (Don Koch, Shawn Craig)
Done as a solo song.  An “old” CCM song, resurrected recently on Christian radio.  A strong text with lots of reflection on statements made by Paul in his epistles.

Prayer of Thanksgiving & Intercession—thanks for the offering and prayer for those in need in our church
Apostles Creed

Doxology  –  a capella

MESSAGE  –  out of Acts 17


  • I introduced communion and consecrated the elements by talking about John 2 and Jesus turning water into wine as a reversal of the judgment when Moses turned water into blood.  I encouraged us to think of communion as a looking forward to the wedding feast of the Lamb.

Who is This, So Weak and Helpless (William How, Christopher Miner)

  • Yet another outstanding example of old hymns to new music; with intense, deep reflection upon the paradoxes of the crucifixion—God crucified!

Bread of the World in Mercy Broken (Reginald Heber, Zac Hicks)

  • A staple at our church (also on our album) for when we celebrate communion…check out the text.

Benediction, Postlude

Up to bat:
Zac – vox, acoust, elec
Sarah McIlwaine – vox
Erick Young – vox, acoust, mandolin
Connor DeFehr – elec bass, upright bass
Sally DeFehr – piano
Brenda Welker – keys
Todd Johnson – drums
Gary Hahn – percussion

Sunday Setlists #59

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  1. Zac, I found your site through Alex Mejias of High Street Hymns. I’m really digging the samples of the record, and look forward to hearing the full thing. I’m intrigued also about "All People That On Earth Do Dwell." I love that text and am curious to hear what you’ve done with it. Any plans to record and post a demo?

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