His Be the Victor’s Name EP – Releases Today!

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Coral Ridge Music and I are proud to announce the release of His Be the Victor’s Name, a small collection of worship songs dedicated to the themes God’s two words of Law and Gospel. It consists of four re-tuned hymns, a confession song based on the Book of Common Prayer, and one full original. With the exception of “From the Depths of Woe” (Indelible Grace / Christopher Miner), all the tunes and additional texts were written by me in collaboration with … Read More

Singing the Bible – Cardiphonia’s Canticles

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Astounding. They just keep getting better. A little before Christmas, Cardiphonia (that influential blogging and resourcing site that is in my top three go-to worship destinations online) released Canticles. A “canticle” is just fancy liturgical language for any song actually pulled directly from the pages of the Bible, more or less. Read more about it in my post here.  There’s a lot of talk out there about “biblical worship.” It means a lot of things. I’ve posted before about the difficulty … Read More

Hail to a Great New Album: Indelible Grace VI

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“My heart is stirred by a noble theme” is my best one-shot phrase to describe the experience of hearing (and hearing again) Indelible Grace’s latest offering to the Church, Joy Beyond the Sorrow: Indelible Grace VI.  The impressive production choices and continued growth of the artists in the IG coalition alongside unapologetically gospel-drenched hymn lyrics make this album a feast for the ears, mind, heart, and soul.  As a worship leader in a local context, I can say that, per … Read More

Doxology & Theology Conference and Boswell’s New Messenger Hymns Album

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I’m looking forward to heading to Frisco, TX (outside of Dallas) tomorrow to spend some time with a bunch of worship leader buddies for the inaugural Doxology & Theology Conference, put on by Lifeway, Southern Seminary, Logos, and Veritas.  My friend Matt Boswell has been the mastermind behind this operation, and I can think of no one better to network young worship leaders from newly emerging and influential evangelical churches across the United States.   How would I characterize what’s … Read More

New Albums Worth Checking Out – Spring / Summer 2012

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The number of quality albums from independent artists continues to be on the rise.  These latest few continue to show that a growing number of young church musicians are embracing different values as compared to the industry (speaking both musically and theologically, and perhaps even financially) for the songs they write and produce.  Many of these albums expand the sonic and geographic reach of the rehymn movement. Todd Hoover, The Whole Spirit: Redemption SongsTasteful, musical, liturgically-oriented, congregation-friendly songs, thoughtfully wedding … Read More

Introducing Edbrooke Collective and Their Debut Album, Rewritten

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I began praying several years ago, as I became more and more aware that God was raising up like-minded musicians and worship leaders across the country, that He’d stir up gospel-centered, theologically-minded, historically-aware, tradition-embracing artists in Denver.  Whether it’s God’s direct answer to those prayers, or whether it’s the law of averages (actually my understanding of God’s providence doesn’t allow for “laws of averages”!), I’m watching our sleepy mountainous city wake up.  And I’m finding many not-so-strange bedfellows crop up, particularly in the Acts 29 network of churches and church plants.

A Free EP that Summarizes the Bible

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One of the most compelling aspects of the Reformed tradition for me is its emphasis on the Bible as one story from beginning to end.  This stream of Christianity just seems bent on finding and exposing every last bit of connective tissue between the first Adam and the Second.  And I can’t get enough of it. This must be why I’m loving Kristen Gilles’ new EP, The Whole Big Story.  Each song seeks to stretch its wingspan from the bombastic … Read More

Review of White Flag, by Passion

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Passion, White Flag (sixsteps/Sparrow)Released: March 13, 2012 Passion’s latest project continues in their strong legacy of fervent live worship albums.  One can never question on these records that this movement continues to be deeply committed to the core of what Christian worship is all about–encountering the presence of God with the people of God.  At the same time, White Flag continues to reveal the theological growth and maturation of Passion’s main songwriters and artists–Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Kristian Stanfill, Christy … Read More

Great Hymns Albums Released in the Last Few Months

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I swear, I’m having to write these kinds of posts more often.  The hymns/rehymn movement continues to strengthen and expand.  Here are some great new albums that I’ve been enjoying and appreciating. Sojourn Music, A Child is Born Some very creative rock tunes, great guitar work, unconventional and delightful production choices.  Some traditional tunes reworked, some originals.  Sojourn is always on the upper side of the art spectrum. A Child Is Born by Sojourn   High Street Hymns, On Winter’s … Read More