His Be the Victor’s Name EP – Releases Today!

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Coral Ridge Music and I are proud to announce the release of His Be the Victor’s Name, a small collection of worship songs dedicated to the themes God’s two words of Law and Gospel. It consists of four re-tuned hymns, a confession song based on the Book of Common Prayer, and one full original. With the exception of “From the Depths of Woe” (Indelible Grace / Christopher Miner), all the tunes and additional texts were written by me in collaboration with Coral Ridge Music artist, Julie Anne Osterhus.

The album is a studio pop-rock record, incorporating our organ (and organist Chelsea Chen) in the first track and a stripped down feel in the last. Four of the six songs are staple “favorites” at Coral Ridge, and they go hand-in-hand with our church’s mission to declare and demonstrate the liberating power of the Gospel.  The title track, “His Be the Victor’s Name,” is a favorite whenever I hit the road with Tullian Tchividjian. 

You COULD buy it through iTunes here, but your best price is the unbeatable $4.99 over at Coral Ridge Music’s bandcamp site, or in the widget below. If you want the Physical CD, you can also order it through bandcamp.

Take a Listen…then Buy It

Free Songbook!

In addition to this, we’ve got the entire songbook available for free download. It provides you every song in two formats:

  • words & chords
  • lead sheets (melody line on a staff, w/chords above)

We want your churches singing this stuff!

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If you paste this link in Facebook, it can play directly from there, which is a bonus for folks wanting to check it out but not do a lot of clicking:


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One Comment on “His Be the Victor’s Name EP – Releases Today!”

  1. Great album! First song may now be my favorite – powerful lyrics! Thanks for sharing the story.. Ive been wrecked in His presence this AM in worship, encouraged by the glimpses of heaven that these songs reveal and empowered by the Paraclete to worship. I can't thank you enough for this brother. I heard you guys play Once for All a few weeks ago in service and I am especially happy that that made it onto the EP. His Be.. is really a blessing too. Thanks again. Keep earnestly seeking Him.

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