A Great Worship Song on the Holy Spirit

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We’re heading toward the season of Pentecost.  I’ve been on the prowl for a good worship song on the Holy Spirit.  Surprisingly, though evangelical modern worship is most influenced by Pentecostalism, there are few songs of quality which deal with the person and work of the Holy Spirit. 

My friend in North Carolina, Bruce Benedict of Cardiphonia (a robust site with all kinds of resources and reflections on worship and liturgy), has set an old Charles Wesley hymn, “Come, Thou Everlasting Spirit,” to new music.  The arrangement is great.  It’s a singable melody with nice movement.  Here are the first three verses:

Come, Thou everlasting Spirit,
Bring to every thankful mind
All the Savior’s dying merit,
All His sufferings for mankind!

True Recorder of His passion,
Now the living faith impart;
Now reveal His great salvation;
Preach His Gospel to our heart.

Come, Thou Witness of His dying;
Come, Remembrancer divine!
Let us feel Thy power, applying
Christ to every soul, and mine!

Who writes texts like these nowadays?  Anyway, check out the post for the full song text and an mp3.

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