Young Attracted to Old in Worship

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Check out this article on worship I recently wrote for the Layman onlineIt briefly discusses the resurgence of interest among evangelicals in ancient worship practices, liturgy, old hymns, historical connection, and theological depth.  An excerpt:

“Some have said that the recent fascination with returning to ancient worship tools and practices is a reaction to the historical rootlessness of our postmodern age. Others have said that current interest in liturgy and old hymns by churches’ younger generations is a result of their reaction to the previous generation’s (the  boomers) abandonment of almost anything traditional. The cause of this resurgence certainly is multi-faceted…[read more]”

2 Comments on “Young Attracted to Old in Worship”

  1. Congrats on being published! That’s a nice intro article to the new hymns movement.

    From just reading the title, I thought for a brief moment your post was about me. ; )

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