Worship Recap 3-14-10

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Welcome to an overdue installment of Sunday Setlists, sponsored by Fred McKinnon’s Blog Carnival.

This week was Youth Sunday, so the entire service was led by our youth group.


1 – How Firm A Foundation  –  John Rippon, 1787 / Zac Hicks 2009
This song was rewritten for the New Hymns Movement by Zac Hicks upon request from the Cherry Creek Pres. Youth Ministry.  The main instruments are two guitars, electric and acoustic, which, while the acoustic plays a palm-muted chord progression, the electric rings with lead riffs and higher chord voicings during the chorus and bridge. This Hymn is the song of the year for the youth ministry.

2 – My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less  –  SOLID ROCK
This hymn is all the way old school. No changed melodies, just new instrumentation. It was picked for this week because of its connection to the theme that the youth group chose for 2010: Staying Rooted in Christ. The hymn describes the solid rock that Christ is, and the detriment of rooting yourself anywhere else. “All other ground is sinking sand”.

3 – Stonger  –  Ben Fielding, Reuben Morgan, 2007
This is a song of rejoicing in Christ’s strength and victory over sin and death. It is filled with many phrases which build to a climactic joy in His Resurrection.

4 – Desert Song  –  Brooke Fraser, 2008
We played this song faster than normal this week. It took a much different mood; while it kept the same spirit of praising God in all times and places, it felt more real. The faster pace made the song feel more like life: too fast to keep up with, but the chorus always brings us back to Christ, kind of like a reset button.

5 – The Stand  –  Joel Houston, 2005
This song has been done many times this month. Every time it generates a large connection with the congregation. This week it ended our service, charging us to go out with our arms high and always worshiping.


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