Worship Recap 2-21-10

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As part of the Sunday Setlists Blog Carnival sponsored by Fred McKinnon


1 – Sola  –  Zac Hicks, 2010
This is our song of the month. It is Christ centered and easy to learn. The congregation will soon be able to connect with it very well.

2 – Better Is One Day  –  Matt Redman, 1995
This song sounds archaic, yet precise. The congregation connects with this song a lot. I think, because it’s very well known, and they can allow themselves to get into the worship “mood” without losing the words.

3 – Exalt the Lord  –  Cindy Rethmeier, 1991
A more solemn moment of worship, Exalt the Lord is a simple song with a simple message: “He is holy”. The congregation seems to connect with this song as well because of its melodious simplicity, and contemplative words.

4 – God, Be Merciful To Me  –  Richard Redhead, 1853 / Christopher Miner, 1997
In this song, we take time to plead for mercy from God whom we have offended. We ask Him to “wash me whiter than the snow”.  It’s important to humble ourselves before God like this and not take His Mercy for granted.

5 – Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken  –  Henry Lyte, 1824, 1833 / Bill Moore, 2001
Our Lenten song reminds us to rest solely on Him who saves us. Not necessarily to give away all that we have, but to dedicate all that we have to Him in acknowledgement that He gave us everything we have.



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