Worship Recap 2-14-10

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Sunday Setlists is brought to you by Fred McKinnon and his Blog Carnival, part of this complete breakfast.


1 – Sola  –  Zac Hicks, 2010
This brand new song from Zac Hicks’ new album coming in 2011, textually emphasizes Christ as our leader through whom we worship God.  Musically, it has a processional “march” feel to it; very appropriate for an opening song.


2 – Blessed Be Your Name  –  Matt Redman & Beth Redman, 2002
I particularly enjoy this song, because it acknowledges the darkness of life. But, in the face of that, it blesses the Name of God. I also always find that the congregation connects with this song, perhaps because of its familiarity.


3 – Desert Song  –  Brooke Fraser, 2008
The Desert Song is a journey out of drought and into a bountiful harvest. At the beginning of the song the lyrics say “This is my prayer in the desert//And all that’s within me feels dry//This is my prayer in the hunger in me//My God is a God who provides”. Gradually we travel though battles, and rejoice “in every season”. Finally we land in a harvest where “favor and providence flow”. Here we acknowledge that our earthly troubles are not over: “I know I’m filled to be emptied again”.


4 – Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken  –  Henry Lyte, 1824, 1833 / Bill Moore, 2001
As we approach Lent, we must focus on picking up our crosses and following Christ. In doing so, we must also leave behind everything else in our life. Though we encounter great sorrow, we can rest in our good condition for “God and heaven are still my own”.


5 – How Great is Your Faithfulness  –  Matt Redman 2009
We ended church on a high note this week. “How Great” is certainly a wonderfully happy song. The congregation usually connects with this song fairly well.



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