Worship Recap 1-31-10

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Another setlist post! Check Fred McKinnon’s Blog Carnival for details!


1 – Indescribable  –  Laura Story, 2004
Indescribable is a shock and awe song. Everything in the song is geared to a sense of childish wonder, while humbling us in raising His Name in song. The music floats lightly with the occasional “Oh-my-goodness-that’s-so-amazing” moment marked by the striking of chords and cymbals.


2 – Shout to the Lord  – Darlene Zshech, 1993
This song is a pledge, a rededication to God. The congregation seemed to really connect with this one. We played it with a full band, but had the emphasis on the vocals. The moment the chorus started, I saw at least 15 hands go up at once.


3 – Why Should I Fear?  –  William Williams, 18th Century / Ben Pocta & Brian T. Murphy, 2005
This hymn is obscure, but completely appropriate. Recently incorporated into the New Hymns Movement, it is a true confession of sins. But, as we confess, we also look to our redemption that Christ offers us through forgiveness.


4 – Nothing but the Blood of Jesus  –  Robert Lowry, 1876
This is all old-school:  old (ok, not that old as far as hymns are concerned) tune, with old lyrics. This was just played on piano with voice. Delivered powerfully and sung strongly by the congregation.


5 – O Love that Will Not Let Me Go  –  George Matheson, 1882 / Christopher Miner, 1997
This bluegrass style was incorporated into the New Hymns Movement by Indelible Grace, and releases a light-hearted joy. The text is a simple rejoicing in the delight of belonging to Christ. The music is something to dance to; it exudes happiness.


6 – May the Mind of Christ My Savior  –  St. Leonards
The congregation sang loudest for this song. It is old and un-updated. Yet, there was no song sung louder than this all service. It may have been the lack of louder instrumentation, or something really clicked with this short, and pithy hymn.



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