Worship recap 1-10-10

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Welcome to another episode of Sunday Setlists; Brought to you by Fred McKinnon’s Blog Carnival!

The worship this Sunday felt joyful and upbeat.

1.            How Great is Your Faithfulness  –  Matt Redman, 2009
The musical arrangement of “Great is your Faithfulness” is bright and beautiful. Just as the lyrics point out “Everything changes, but You stay the same…”, so the melody and chord progression keep the same spirit of upward movement through the entire piece.  Not only that, but the transition from verse to the chorus, singing “The heavens ring, the saints all sing//Great is your faithfulness!”, throws the musicians into solid chords, emphasizing the sureness of God’s faithfulness.

2.            Glorified  –   Jared Anderson, 2007
This song gives the worshiper a chance to rededicate themselves to God. However, it also brings up our inability to fully do so, and presents us as dependants on Christ our “one Sacrifice”.

3.         Rock of Ages – Thomas Hastings, 1815 / James Ward, 1984
Regarded as a classic, Rock of Ages’ newer melody by James Ward brings out the darker side of Christ’s death, while remaining uplifting and joyful. We sang this one with only a piano and one female vocal leader. It was not too “sparkly” to be distracting, and complimented by its simplicity.

4.          What the Lord Has Done in Me (# 360) – Reuben Morgan, 1998
Reminiscent of an Irish-style hymn, the inspiring tune accompanies a set of lyrics that     describe the experience of redemption on a spiritual level.

5.         Jesus, With Thy Church Abide – Thomas Benson Pollock, 1871 / Christopher Miner,   1997
We ended the service with a prayer for the church. “Jesus, With Thy Church Abide” is slow and humbling. I feel it is best described with its own lyrics: “Keep her life and doctrine pure; Grant her patience to endure, Trusting in Thy promise sure: We beseech Thee, hear us”.


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  1. Links to videos and chords would be awesome for those of us reading your blog for repertoire.

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