Worship as Trinitarian CPR

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The worship service is a dynamic moment. Too often, we’re tempted to think low thoughts about what a worship service actually is and what is actually happening there. So, let me put it bluntly. In worship, God intends to kill you and then make you alive again. Every week.

God wants His weight to so crush you, His heat to so scorch you, His light to so blind you, that you must cry out to God the Father, “Save me!” At this point, the Gospel rushes forth, a mighty Wind into your lungs from the Holy Spirit breathing the Son into your lifeless body.

Over at Worship Cohort–a site I heartily recommend for solid thinking on worship alongside practical helps–I describe how the Call to Worship is not an empty ritual but a dramatic event where dead people are called out among the graveyard of life into a resurrecting, resuscitative moment. Here’s an excerpt:

Between Sundays, we do a whole lot of dying. And then, drug to worship by God’s providence, just as our soul is about to gasp its last breath, God (Father) says, “Wake up, sleeper,” and we rise again by the Breath (Spirit) of the Gospel (Son). Trinitarian CPR. That’s what worship is.

Go read the whole article here!

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