What Does “Unbudding Fig” Mean?

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Alright.  I’ve had enough people ask me about what the copyright name under all my music means, so I devoted a permanent page to unraveling the mystery behind the “Unbudding Fig.”  Check it out if you’re curious.

And, yes, I’m aware that “unbudding” isn’t a real word and probably needs a hyphen. 😉

P.S. I don’t have a logo but would love one.  If any of you savvy, cutting edge designers out there would be interested in some pro bono work for a poor, lonely pastor-musician, send an email my way.  (Truth be told, by world standards, I’m not at ALL poor.  Nor am I lonely…I have a wonderful wife, some great kids, and I’ve been brought into fellowship with the Divine Community of Three.  Still, if you find your tear ducts welling up, then the whole “poor, lonely” bit was worth it.)

One Comment on “What Does “Unbudding Fig” Mean?”

  1. Praising him no matter what…good…bad….no matter what. Excellent, Zac. I appreciate your posts.


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