Two Songs that Gain Traction Wherever I Go

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Tullian preaching this past week at the CoveThis past week, I was at the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove with my partner in crime, Tullian Tchividjian, and we were leading a little mini-conference on the themes of grace, law and gospel, and how Christian growth happens. The conference was largely a distillation of Tullian’s fabulous new book, One Way Love, which is no less than a distillation of the heartbeat and ministry ethos of everything that goes on at Coral Ridge and Liberate these days.  I led music at this conference, and we sang a bunch of familiar old hymns that prized Christ, His perfections, and God’s grace through Him by the Spirit. But I also introduced two songs that became immediate “hits” with everyone there.  They kept asking about them and how they could get them. The first will be new to most folks, because it’s just been floating around at Coral Ridge, but the second is an “old standard” in Reformed college and church-plant worship circles.

His Be the Victor’s Name

Prior to Tullian quoting it to me a year ago, I had never heard of it or its author.  Its chorus (which was originally just one of its verses) is infectious, and it is easily always the most memorable line of the hymn that everyonecomments on.  It has a life of its own. I wrote the tune to this song, also adding the Bridge text, in a hotel room in Alabama as my family was driving on our move from Denver to Ft. Lauderdale back in March. We are in the process of recording it for the release of our His Be the Victor’s Name EP out the week of the Liberate Conference, February 20-23.

His Be the Victor’s Name  |  lead sheet

1. His be the Victor’s Name
Who fought the fight alone;
Triumphant saints no honor claim;
Their conquest was His own.

2. By weakness and defeat
He won the glorious crown;
Trod all His foes beneath His feet
By being trodden down.

What though the vile accuser roar
Of sins that I have done;
I know them well, and thousands more;
My God, He knoweth none

3. He hell in hell laid low;
Made sin, He sin o’erthrew;
Bowed to the grave, destroyed it so,
And death, by dying, slew.

4. Bless, bless the Conqueror slain,
Slain by divine decree!
Who lived, who died, who lives again,
For thee, my soul, for thee.

My sin is cast into the sea
Of God’s forgotten memory
No more to haunt accusingly
For Christ has lived and died for me

Words: Samuel Gandy, 1838 (verses & chorus), alt.; Zac Hicks, 2013 (bridge)
Music: Zac Hicks, 2013
©2013 Unbudding Fig Music (ASCAP)

From the Depths of Woe (Psalm 130)

As I said in my review of Indelible Grace’s album, this song has been around a while in all the “Indelible Grace”-type circles, but it really took on new life for me with the arrangement on Joy Beyond the Sorrow.  We utilize that arrangement at Coral Ridge, though we bring it up a few more BPM and give it a little more sonic gas.  It has become a standard for our church.  We sing these old words with gusto.

From the Depths of Woe (Psalm 130)  |  lead sheet & other resources

1. From the depths of woe I raise to Thee 
The voice of lamentation; 
Lord, turn a gracious ear to me 
And hear my supplication; 
If Thou iniquities dost mark, 
Our secret sins and misdeeds dark,

O who shall stand before Thee? (Who shall stand before Thee?) 
O who shall stand before Thee? (Who shall stand before Thee?)

2. To wash away the crimson stain, 
Grace, grace alone availeth; 
Our works, alas! Are all in vain; 
In much the best life faileth; 
No man can glory in Thy sight, 
All must alike confess Thy might,

And live alone by mercy (Live alone by mercy) 
And live alone by mercy (Live alone by mercy)

3. Therefore my trust is in the Lord, 
And not in mine own merit; 
On Him my soul shall rest, His word 
Upholds my fainting spirit; 
His promised mercy is my fort, 
My comfort and my sweet support;

I wait for it with patience (Wait for it with patience) 
I wait for it with patience (Wait for it with patience)

4. What though I wait the live-long night, 
And ’til the dawn appeareth, 
My heart still trusteth in His might; 
It doubteth not nor feareth; 
Do thus, O ye of Israel’s seed, 
Ye of the Spirit born indeed;

And wait ’til God appeareth (Wait ’til God appeareth) 
And wait ’til God appeareth (Wait ’til God appeareth)

5. Though great our sins and sore our woes 
His grace much more aboundeth; 
His helping love no limit knows, 
Our upmost need it soundeth. 
Our Shepherd good and true is He, 
Who will at last His Israel free

From all their sin and sorrow (All their sin and sorrow) 
From all their sin and sorrow (All their sin and sorrow)

Words: Martin Luther, 1523
Music: Christopher Miner, 1997
©1997 Christopher Miner Music

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  1. Thanks for leading us into worship at The Cove. Especially enjoyed the 'looping magic' you created before the sessions. Is there any higher privilege than worshiping our Savior?

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