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Book Update #1

Thank you all for your continued interest in the content of my book, The Worship Pastor. It’s scheduled to release in October 2016 (that’s NEXT year, folks). Some of you have been asking about its progress, so here’s a brief update.

My manuscript was due on October 1, and I met that deadline…thankfully. The editor has been reading through it and passing it on to a few other readers for feedback. I’ll work on polishing off some final edits in December, and the project, as far as the content goes, should get wrapped up by the end of the year.

Why, then, will it take so long? As seasoned authors know (I’m a newbie), it takes a while to get the book proofed and typeset so that it’s ready for printing. Typically, once it’s typeset, it gets passed to a few people for edits. A few designs will need to be made for some of the charts and graphics I employ throughout the book, and hopefully the book gets into the hands of some folks who would be willing to endorse it. In short, the design and review process takes a while, even before the book goes to print.

But…that’s where it’s at. It was a joy to write. It ministered to me and spoke to me in the midst of some pretty heavy pastoral situations in 2015. I’m not quite sure how it all got finished, but I ended up hitting the deadline and my target word count. The Worship Pastor hopes to straddle a (maybe impossible) divide as a resource both for young, emerging worship leaders who aren’t devouring books at a massive rate (therefore, short-ish, somewhat stand alone chapters and technicalities relegated to footnotes), and educational institutions and educated pastors and worship leaders (therefore, substantive footnoting and interaction with theological concepts).

Again, everyone, thanks for your interest. I’ll try to keep you updated as it develops. In the meantime, though, be aware that I’ll be out and about dialoguing about these ideas, and I’d love for you to join me in one of these places. First stop: Pittsburgh and Grand Rapids in January!

4 Comments on “The Worship Pastor – Book Update #1”

  1. Zac, was pleased to meet you at the Liberate Conference this past February. I'm so excited for the release of this book. Really looking forward to reading what God has burdened you with. Thanks for the update!

  2. Zac, I want to say how grateful I was for your session at the Worship Symposium this past weekend. I remember leaving there feeling a rush of energy as I received a new inspiration for worship leading. I am pleased to say that a number of those here in my community, as well as myself, are looking forward to this book! Praise God, and thank you for sharing from your journeys! May He continue to encourage you!

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