The Songs of LIBERATE 2015

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We’ll be singing a LOT at LIBERATE 2015, which starts tomorrow here in sunny, warm Ft. Lauderdale. We’re expecting to gather over 2000 people from every state and over twenty countries. In addition to leading a worship workshop tomorrow, my great joy will be to lead music. We’re singing a bunch of gospel-saturated songs, including several from our new EP, Come and Make Us Free, which releases tomorrow at the Conference and Tuesday everywhere else. 

Hop on over to LIBERATE to find the complete setlists and lots of resources for all the songs we’ll sing. One of the fun things we’re doing is rounding out every time with our “Gospel Doxology.” It’s a nice summary of what LIBERATE is all about.

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  1. Hey Zac,

    Really appreciate this blog! Just found it recently and have been combing through it.

    Was really excited about checking out your set lists from LIBERATE…and then (understandably) the website has been taken down because of recent events. Any chance you can send them my way or put a direct link on this blog?


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