Praying in the Trinity: Good News for Bad Pray-ers

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image from anglicansablaze.comA few weeks ago, I preached at Coral Ridge on the opening two words of the Lord’s Prayer, “Our Father.” It was inspired by yet another soul-crushing sermon by Tim Keller on the same two words, though I took a different approach.  Our shared sermon series, “The Pressure’s Off” was a thematic series on the Gospel’s liberating ability to relieve the pressures of life.  I chose a sermon on the “pressure of piety” that we Christians place on ourselves, with a specific eye to the pressure of prayer we often feel.

The jist of the sermon is written up in handy dandy blog post form over at Liberate, the best web resource out there on the gospel-centered, grace-motivated life.

If you, like me, struggle to have a powerful prayer life or feel like a failure in prayer, here’s some good news for you about how the Trinity really does meet all our needs in prayer.  An excerpt:

It’s easy for us to forget that God, within Himself, has a prayer life.  But the truth is, the Son and the Spirit are actively praying to God the Father on an ongoing basis.  Even more shocking, the Son and the Spirit actively pray for you (Rom 8:31-34, and 26-27, respectively).  This means that we have the dream team of prayer warriors in our corner.  We have ongoing intercessors par excellence.   This frees us from the burden to have it all together in prayer, because we know that the Son and the Spirit are praying even better prayers to the Father on our behalf.  

Go over to Liberate to read the whole thing, or check out the video below for the full sermon.  Grace & Peace.

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