Liberating Worship: Notes from My Worship Breakout at LIBERATE 2015

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If I had 30 minutes to talk about worship, this is what I’d say.

  • Worship is Divine service, where God serves us from the riches of the benefits of Christ’s death and life for us.
  • The Reformation offered some very helpful distinctives in thinking through how the gospel “works” in the human being during worship (i.e. incurvatus in se, the Old and New Adams, and a Theology of Glory versus a Theology of the Cross)
  • The Reformation offered a theology of change that is key to understanding how worship works: the gospel alone (God’s justifying word of pardon to the ungodly) has the power to birth faith, worship, and works in us, and it does so through a renovation of our affections (in the thought-tradition of Augustine, Melanchthon, and Cranmer). Therefore, worship is an affectively charged event where the Spirit proclaims Christ to the Father’s children.
  • These above ideas give us a grid to analyze how well our worship is doing in creating a context for these Spirit-filled realities to thrive. 

And that’s exactly what I said, with a lot of commentary. For those interested, I’ve fleshed these points out in the four-page handout I gave to those who came to the breakout. Get the PDF on my breakout here.

The breakout was recorded, and I will post the audio (and or video) when it comes available.

2 Comments on “Liberating Worship: Notes from My Worship Breakout at LIBERATE 2015”

  1. Can't wait for the audio! So can you, or I guess will you, expand on your statement about the more precise meaning of liturgy? It sounds like a cool distinction.

    Also, I enjoyed the text to Christ Surrendered All.

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