Jazz and the Church: History and Theology

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William Edgar, Apologetics Professor at Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia) analyzes the background of jazz through a theological lens, interspersed with his performance of several pieces.  This was a lecture delivered at Gordon College in 2009.

Over the years, I have encountered Edgar’s articles on music, worship, and culture, and I’ve found his approach and analytical style to be constructive and fair.  For church musicians of a more contemporary persuasion, I’d recommend some of his writings on the subject of musical style over against the line of thinking of folks like Kenneth Myers (All God’s Children and Blue Suede Shoes) and T. David Gordon (Why Johnny Can’t Sing Hymns).  I find Edgar much more helpful and edifying.  And, as even this lecture shows, he is certainly musically informed.

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2 Comments on “Jazz and the Church: History and Theology”

  1. Amen Zac! His review of Ken Myers's book in the Westminster Theological Review is very perceptive. His book "Taking Note Of Music" is a gem, but hard as hen's teeth to find

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