3 Comments on “iPad / iPhone Christmas Prelude at North Point”

  1. I saw this the other day. My thoughts on it depended upon the context. Was this supposed to be a worship service or was it a concert of some kind? If it was the latter, my reaction is:
    1) Wow, technology is cool.
    2) Neat performance.

    If it was the former though, I guess I kind of wonder what it had to do with "worship." But then again, maybe I'm just a grinch (although I don't think that's the case!). I look forward to reading your thoughts, Zac.

  2. I agree with your sentiment. Cool technology…but not sure that this points me to Christ if its context is actually worship.

  3. Having seen this live and attended North Point for a few years, I can say that this kind of fun, light-hearted opening is really a great way to set the tone for the rest of the service. It gets people interested, it drops their "religion" guard and this sets up a greater potential for those listening to the sermon to be engaged listeners.

    Just to reiterate: this is not part of the worship, but merely an opening to the service (which is followed by announcements, worship, baptism and a sermon).

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