I’m Looking for a Few Good Interns for the Summer

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Hey Web,

Coral Ridge has a fabulous program where we host interns from all over the country (and even sometimes abroad) for three months in the Summer. There are internships in all sorts of ministry fields, but I’m looking for one or two interns to partner with our music & worship ministry. Julie Anne Osterhus (my worship assistant, who happens to also have started as an intern a few years ago) and I are cooking up some ideas for the internship, but I wanted to take this opportunity to post some of the highlights of the type of person we’re viewing as the ideal candidate.


We’re definitely looking for someone who’s serious about music (and particularly music in the church) in one way, shape, or form. We’re also looking for someone who is passionate about the local church and is either called or entertaining the idea of a call to local church ministry in the area of worship.

To be honest: We’re NOT as much interested in someone who may be interested in some form of ministry and happens to “do the worship thing.” Our ideal candidate is someone wrestling through or headed down a bona fide call to the ministry of worship in the church, whether it be in the areas of actual worship leadership, or in the areas of music production / technology. If we find someone like that, we have the best chance of having a fruitful summer.

(By the way, even if worship isn’t your fit, there are other internships in other ministries, too.)


We’d love for someone to be passionate about these things and/or hungry to grow in these things:

  • Leading worship as pastoral ministry
  • Worship which is rooted in the past, but contextualized for the now
  • Worship as a context for spiritual formation
  • Gospel-centered worship
  • Theologically rich, emotionally engaged, holistic worship
  • a Reformed outlook on the Scriptures, the Church, and life
  • (in other words, if you have followed my blog and resonate with its theological and pastoral outlook, you’re probably a good match)

If some or all of these things characterize where you’re at or where you’re itching to be, this might be the internship for you.


We’d love to work with someone who might have some knowledge and/or specialty in SOME (not necessarily all) of these following skill-areas:

  • True musicianship (reads music, understands the basics of musicality in various genres)
  • Songwriting
  • Recording/production technology (e.g. Pro Tools, Ableton)
  • Skilled singing or instrument-playing at a “recordable” level

In Summary

We are looking for 1 or 2 people (maybe 3 if it seems right) to be a part of this internship. We’re aiming at folks who might float in one of these two spheres of call/vocation:

A worship leader type who has a strong up-front presence and has a strong foundation as a musician.

A composer-producer-engineer type who may be interested in teaming up to help us put out a small EP this summer, coming with a working knowledge of some of the top production platforms.



If you’ve got some questions and want to dialogue about it, please email Julie Anne, and she’ll help you out! 

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