Hearts, Mammon, and a Cross Made of Dollar Bills

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“God Gave,” by Michael WintersThe image is powerful.  Of course, there are many liabilities to image-based communication, not the least of which is its openness to a variety of interpretations and a subsequent muddying of its message.  Nevertheless, visual statements can be powerful.

My church, along with seemingly every other, is experiencing its share of financial hardship.  Every time the pressure is on (and even when it’s not), we leaders start evaluating and addressing how our congregations are responding to the grace of God through tithes and offerings.  We wrestle with how to communicate the seriousness of the call of God to give of ourselves in the full-orbed sense of time, talent, and treasure.  In a money-driven, materialistic culture, it is the latter of these which is often most telling of the heart.  How do we aim at the heart (which is what we and Jesus really care about) without either blowing off the issue of money or sounding like desperate, ill-motivated televangelists? 

Here’s how one church engaged in art and design to stir consciences.  Some might find it offensive.  I don’t.  I find it prophetic (in the forth-telling, not foretelling sense).  Read the explanation of all of this over at Bobby & Kristin Gilles’ blog.


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