Headed to the National Worship Leader Conference

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I’m headed to the National Worship Leader Conference in Leawood, KS, this week.  If you’re a part of this blog’s readership and you happen to be going, I’d love to connect.  The best way for that to happen is for you to shoot me an email at zac [at] zachicks [dot] com.  Then we can swap info.

I plan on attending a few of the songwriting workshops, a few of the music workshops (particularly electric guitar and keyboard), and anything that Reggie Kidd and Lester Ruth are teaching.  I’ll also be hanging with my worship leader/pastor buddies Bruce Benedict, Wen Reagan, and Wes Crawford, and I’d love to make connections.

Some people write off this kind of thing as industry-laden, market-driven, surface-riding, substance-less stuff.  Not me.  Sure, the industry is peddling their wares, but there’s some baby there, even if it’s sloshing around in a little bathwater.  A lot of the leaders and organizers of this event are folks whose articles I’ve read with much respect in and out of Worship Leader Magazine, and, trust me, when you’ve got Kidd and Ruth in the lineup, there WILL be substance.  I look forward to worshiping, learning, connecting, and growing.  I’ll probably post a few debrief thoughts, too.

Sidenote: Interesting conference theme.  I wonder if the Greek word “anamnesis” will be uttered, even explicated.  I hope so.

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