Four Exciting Projects in the Hopper for Coral Ridge Music

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Coral Ridge is a busy place. With my own eyes, I’m witnessing a movement, a kind of new reformation, taking place in our walls, in our community, and around our region. And I’m witnessing a gospel revolution continue in my own heart and family. It’s the reason I moved down here in the first place.

Coral Ridge Music is a kind of subset of the larger vision and mission of both Coral Ridge and Liberate (read my thoughts on why you should come to the conference). Its goal is to provide gospel-saturated music and worship resources for the broader church and to be a part of the culture-making that happens through the arts in South Florida. The first few projects out of the gate were our six-song EP, His Be the Victor’s Name and our fabulous summer interns’ EP, Faith and Love and Every Grace. Within the next six months, we’re looking to roll out four more things–three albums and a concert series.

Beginning in Two Weeks: Coral Ridge Concert Series

Coral Ridge is launching our new and improved concert series in a few weeks. The aim of the series is to be a part of how the arts make and bless culture in South Florida. CRPC has had a rich past of fabulous concerts over the years, and we’re continuing that legacy with our own twists. It will host everything from killer local blues-funk acts, to an organ festival, to the Naval Academy Glee Club.  It promises to be an exciting year! If you’re a local South Floridian, check out the website and get your tickets. Oh yeah, and we’ve got Keith & Kristyn Getty coming this Christmas. 🙂

November 2014: The Magnificent Three EP

Several years ago, I caught the Trinity bug. Upon reading a compelling article by Lester Ruth in this book, I became pretty obsessed with helping encourage a greater overt Trinitarianism in modern worship, which led to my own chapter in this book. I also began writing songs for our congregation about the Trinity. I wrote Trinitarian songs of confession, songs of gathering, Communion songs, and on and on. The Magnificent Three is a collection of what I think are the six best songs. The album is stylistically diverse and musically quite un-cohesive. And I love it. We’ve got a dance-tronica track, a couple of more typical-sounding pop worship songs, a groovy, bluesy sing songy number, and a Petty-with-a-dash-of-Hendrix song produced by an amazing local talent, all headed your way. If you come to the Doxology & Theology Conference this year, you will get the album for FREE! Here are the full lyrics to the first song, a Trinitarian hymn of gathering (but it won’t sound like a hymn):

1. Father, how great Your delight in the Son
Infinite joy ere the worlds were begun
The fullness of Love found in Him, with You one
Father, how great Your delight in the Son

2. Jesus, You reign at the Father’s right hand
In pleasure You rule o’er His sovereignty’s span
You joyfully follow the Father’s commands
Jesus, You reign at the Father’s right hand

And, now called into Your delight
As we strain to gaze at Your light
With the hosts of the heavens all veiling their sight,
We cry,”Holy, holy, holy”…

3. Spirit, You light up the Father and Son
With pleasure You join their affections in One
So pour out their glory as we humbly come
Spirit, You light up the Father and Son

So we join Your myst’ry divine
As we sing Your Love before time
And we lift up our voices midst glory sublime
And cry,”Holy, holy, holy”…

4. O worship the Father, immortal, in light
O worship the Son, at His right hand of might
O worship the Spirit, eternally bright
With saints, angels, elders, and martyrs in white

So we join the great One in Three
In the praise that ever shall be
And in Christ, through the Spirit, our Father we seek.
And cry,”Holy, holy, holy”…

Winter/Spring: Chelsea Chen, Live at Coral Ridge

Back in March, our organist, Chelsea Chen, played a fabulous concert of diverse music. She made the organ at Coral Ridge sound more brilliant and complex, and her repertoire spanned everything from Bach to rhythmic contemporary arrangements, to her fun montage of classic Super Mario Brothers music. We recorded the concert and are working on sweetening up the sound before we press it and give it out for the world to enjoy. 

February 2015: Come and Make Us Free EP

We’ll release another six-track album at the Liberate Conference in February. Many of the songs are current Coral Ridge favorites, including the title track, which is a powerful song of confession, and our remake of an old hymn, which we call, “Christ Surrendered All.”

As always, our albums will be accompanied with a host of resources–lead sheets, chord charts, and request-able Finale files. But they’ll also always be available, song by song, here on my site.

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