Behind the Song, “It Is Finished”

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Like many of you, I’m a lover of good songs. One of the things that I’m always intrigued by is what went into th writing of a song. It’s like reverse engineering…you get to learn about its construction after having the finished product in your hands. For Coral Ridge Music, “It is Finished” is a flagship song. We worked hard on it. Go and read about the theology, allusions, and inspiration that caused this song to be over at LIBERATE.

chord chart | lead sheet

“It is Finished” is a song for the tired and weary. It is a song for folks who have crashed and burned or who are coming to the realization that they are at the end of themselves. It’s a song about the gospel…raw, unadulterated, relentless, sin-tackling grace. It’s a song for everyone. Check it out.

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