Beautiful, Simple Instrumental Music for Christmas

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Hey Friends,

If you’re interested in some quality instrumental tunes for Christmas, check out the Emerald Duets Christmas collection.  My friend and fellow musician-in-Denver-Metro, Blayne Chastain* (a great guitarist and Irish whistle player), has worked on this project, which is friendly for personal, in-home music-making with the family, or more serious instrumental contributions in public settings (like my venue…church worship).  Go to the site to get all the info you need, but know that one of my favorite features of buying this music is instant, eBook download.  You don’t have to wait for printed music to be mailed to you.



*I will also mention that Blayne is a fellow hymns movement artist and has the distinguished joy of being on the first Indelible Grace album…that’s legendary in my book!

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