Anyone Want a Fabulous Worship Leading Job?

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As many of you know, God is calling me away from Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church to take up new residence and leadership alongside the rest of the pastoral team down at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  I begin my post on February 10.  I’m excited about this call, but leaving a church that my family and I love will be hard, and I want to help Cherry Creek as best as I can.  In my remaining, precious time here, I’m deeply commited to helping find the right person to take over the worship leadership at this fabulous church.  I am not leaving this church on bad terms, by any stretch of the imagination, and whoever ends up in this position will find themselves in one of the sweetest gigs in the United States, in my opinion.  CCPC treats its employees REALLY well, and the leadership and staff culture is healthy, relational, honest, and a-political (in my opinion!).  The church is growing and dynamic, even as it feels very “traditional” in many ways, especially when it comes to ministry and worship.

***Upon reading this, if you or someone you know is interested in being considered, the next step will be to EMAIL A COVER LETTER AND RESUME to Pastor Dave Strunk (click on the name).***

Below is a whistle-wetter.  It’s not meant to function as a job description. It’s just supposed to give big picture perspective of what the job might be like.

What is the culture, church ethos, and worship environment like?

  • 1100+ attend 2 services each week
  • 8:30 traditional/classical service, 11:00 convergent/contemporary service (starting 2/17, because of growth, CCPC will go to 3 Sunday morning services, 2 traditional, 1 contemporary)
  • Multi-generational church – over half the church is 50 and older, with a growing population of young families and young adults largely due to a fabulous, integrated children’s ministry
  • Sits in the Denver Tech Center…a smaller “commuter downtown” within the first few rings of suburbs of the Denver Metro area.
  • Big tent for all kinds of Christians – former Catholics, Baptists, charismatics, and everyone in between
  • A member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC)
  • A strong, well-resourced worship and music culture
    • CCPC has a strong reputation of being “the” traditional church with an evangelical pulpit–strong classical music heritage; CCPC pours a lot of resources into the planning, leading, and artistry of worship
    • We have established musical leaders for our traditional service(s): a part-time choir director (of a 100+ voice choir), and a part-time organist; both are skilled, respected, reputable musicians
    • Other Worship, Music, & Arts staff include: part-time contemporary worship intern, part-time children’s choirs director, part-time professional-level sound engineer, part-time hand bell director, administrative assistant
  • A “flexible liturgical” worship environment
    • CCPC follows a generally Reformed liturgy (Call to Worship, Confession, Assurance, etc.), similar to what Bryan Chapell illustrates in Christ-Centered Worship
    • CCPC observes the full church calendar year
    • Worship service planning straddles the liturgical calendar and sermon themes
    • CCPC does not strictly follow a prayer book or liturgical guide
    • Monthly communion, with a potential future evening service which would be weekly
  • A relationally-oriented staff and leadership culture

What is CCPC looking for in a worship leader?

  • A godly, pastorally-oriented person
  • A contemporary worship leader who is artistic, creative, ecclectic, and a trained musician (i.e. reads music, understands/uses music notation software, thinks as an arranger, understands ensemble dynamics)
  • Someone who “gets” and is comfortable operating in divergent contemporary styles (e.g. folk, rock, pop-orchestral, etc.)
  • Someone who draws from and is conversant in mainstream CCLI repertoire, historic (especially English) hymnody, and the growing body of “indie” worship music (e.g. rehymn movement, Acts 29 / Mars Hill stuff, etc.)
  • Someone comfortable in and passionate about liturgical worship
  • Someone who thinks theologically about worship 

Why in the world would I post this on my blog?

Because, chances are that many people attracted to this blog will be attracted to the same values, convictions, passions, and priorities that drive the vision and mission of worship at Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church.


Again, for inquiries, send an email to Pastor Dave Strunk.

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  1. Congratulations on the new position! I hope CCPC finds a real winner of a replacement. I'm looking forward to hearing good things and sounds from your work in Florida.

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