A Trinitarian Hymn for the New Year

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Back in November, I arrived at the Cove to lead music alongside my fearless leader, the gospel-addict, Tullian Tchvidijian. The guest leader cabins at the Cove are evidently filled with books from Ruth Graham’s own library. She was quite the collector of old hardbacks. I stumbled upon a small, original edition of Frances Ridley Havergal’s collection of hymns, Under the Surface (get it for free at Google Books), and one of the first hymns I read was this one. It’s perfect for the new year, perfect for worship leaders, and perfect for all of us. Havergal is famous for her hymn, “Take My Life and Let it Be,” but many of her other hymns should be dusted off by eager songwriters and set to music for the modern church to sing.  This is one of them. Happy New Year.

(Birthday or New Year’s Hymn) 

‘Certainly I will be with thee!’
Father, I have found it true:
To Thy faithfulness and mercy
I would set my seal anew.
All the year Thy grace hath kept me,
Thou my help indeed hast been,
Marvellous the loving-kindness
every day and hour hath seen.

‘Certainly I will be with thee!’
Let me feel it, Saviour dear,
Let me know that Thou art with me,
Very precious, very near.
On this day of solemn pausing,
With Thyself all longing still,
Let Thy pardon, let Thy presence,
Let Thy peace my spirit fill.

‘Certainly I will be with thee!’
Blessed Spirit, come to me,
Rest upon me, dwell within me,
Let my heart Thy temple be;
Through the trackless year before me,
Holy One, with me abide! 
Teach me, comfort me, and calm me,
Be my ever-present Guide.

‘Certainly I will be with thee!’
Starry promise in the night!
All uncertainties, like shadows,
Flee away before its light.
‘Certainly I will be with thee!’
He hath spoken: I have heard!
True of old, and true this moment,
I will trust Jehovah’s word. 

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  1. Just beautiful! I'd be interested in knowing if anyone has put this to music for the modern church already.

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