A hymn that helps us realize that God’s grace is only as amazing as our brokenness is admitted

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Red Mountain Music’s new album, All Things New, has been monopolizing my personal airwaves since Tuesday.  I wrote my review in haste, for a fourth “favorite” song has appeared.  The longer I am a Christian, the more I realize that sin “slides itself into my prayer.”  The longer I am a worship leader, the more I truly feel how, Sunday after Sunday, “sin twines itself about my praise.”  This makes me cry, because in some sense, I can be no more righteous than this.  This is my plight until the day I die.  And yet, I am loved radically, and the blood of Christ covers me: “The Lord shall be my righteousness.”  Thank you, Red Mountain, for this offering.

The Lord Forever Mine

My God! how perfect are Thy ways!
But mine polluted are;
Sin twines itself about my praise,
And slides into my prayer.

When I would speak what Thou hast done
To save me from my sin;
I cannot make Thy mercies known
But self-applause creeps in.

Divine desire, that holy flame
Thy grace creates in me;
Alas! impatience is its name,
When it returns to Thee.

*This heart, a fountain of vile thoughts,
How does it overflow?
While self upon the surface floats
Still bubbling from below.

Let others in the gaudy dress
Of fancied merit shine;
The Lord shall be my righteousness
The Lord for ever mine.

Words: William Cowper, 1779

*this verse not included in the recording

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