Confessional Evangelicalism vs. Just…Evangelicalism

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I think I work with one of the smartest guys on the planet.  My colleague and partner in crime, Dave Strunk, continually blows me away with his ability to synthesize information and process things from a systematic perspective.  He has written a brilliant review of Al Mohler’s chapter in the book The Spectrum of Evangelicalism.  His basic point is that the term “confessional” matters in the phrase “confessional evangelicalism.”  It’s a very important piece for anyone who’s considering wrestling through … Read More

Is Church Membership Biblical?

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Some denominations and churches make room for formal membership in the local body, and others do not.  I’ve wrestled myself with whether church membership is a biblical practice or whether it’s merely a human invention which may be good, but not necessary. In the church context in which I’m a pastor, we have our fair share of members, but we also have not a small amount of folks who, for a variety of reasons, regularly attend, are quite involved in … Read More