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1. O Love that won’t let me go
Your promise settles my hope
I find a bed for my soul
In Your love

2. O Cross that lifts up my head
Beyond my works cold and dead
Fix all my vision instead
On Your love

Your love pours uncontainable
Grace flows inexhaustible
Now we rest in the work of the Son

Because You love us
Jesus we love You
Jesus we love You
Because You love

2. The Cross here before us
Hear now our chorus
Jesus we love You
Because You love

3. O Joy that seeks me in grief
Come whisper words of relief
Come melt my heart in the heat
Of Your love

4. O Light that shines on my path
Come raise from darkness and ash
New life that ever will last
In Your love

O Spirit come, lift the Son, higher and higher
O Spirit come, show the Son, greater and greater
O Spirit fall, make us all grateful for what He has done

We lift our praise, voices raised, higher and higher
We magnify Jesus Christ, greater and greater
And now we fall, one and all, grateful for what You have done,
You have done

Words & Music: Zac Hicks & Julie Anne Vargas, 2015
©2015 Unbudding Fig Music (ASCAP) | Julie Anne Vargas