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1. I’m a doubter of Your grace
And my heart won’t cease
Seeking love in every place
But Your perfect arms of peace

Though I see that all my longings
Find their journey’s end in you
Oft they wander in the byways
Cheaply lured by every hue

All our hearts long for, we find in You, O Lord
Help us want You more, than idols we adore
Give us eyes to see your matchless beauty
Shatter unbelief, come and make us free

2. I’m a slave to lowly thoughts
That I cannot shake
Lust of eyes and pride of life
Hardened heart that ne’er will break

Though I hear that You alone can
Make this stone a heart of flesh
Oft in bitterness I linger
Choosing chains, not freedom’s rest

3. I’m addicted to the lie
That my thirsty soul
Can be quenched by earth’s supply
Vainly seized by my control

Though I know that You alone have
Living water’s richest store
Oft you find me savoring droplets
Out of cisterns cracked and poor

Words & Music: Julie Anne Vargas & Zac Hicks, 2014
©2014 Julie Anne Vargas & Unbudding Fig Music (ASCAP)


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